1. 62MAS mod

- Can i install SEIKO dial on FIFTY FOUR 62mas

Yes, you can. FIFTYFOUR 62mas Dial diameter 29mm,opening 28mm.seiko dial 28.5mm, you have to cut off the dial feet and use 3M( or other sticker) to fix the dial. beucase NH35A and 7S26 are same function but different dial feet.

- Can i change the glass to OEM dome glass

No, we are afraid it is hard to find glass which fits, FIFTTY FOUR 62MAS Glass is 30mm*2.27mm. Most OME Glass are 31.5mm*3mm

- Can i change the bezel insert ?

FF Insert 37mm*32.4mm*0.4mm.  becuase our 62mas is exactly as vintage seiko 7217-8000, so the size are hardly to find. Most OEM ceramic are 38mm. we are thinking about to customize if we can collect the orders around 300pcs.